Onyx Founders

Onyx's Vision

Onyx is the collaborative vision of 5 coaches and friends. They have created a brand new purpose built fitness studio in North London’s Woodside Park to give their clients the ultimate training experience. The studio is exclusively for members doing small group training classes and 1:1 personal training clients. 

Group Training

  • They have 5 small group training classes all with a maximum capacity of 12, although numbers are reduced during the opening months of re-opening due to Covid-19:

    • Onyx Conditioning – high intensity cardio based workout with Polar heart rate monitors

    • Functional Strength – structured strength training using a variety of free weights and bodyweight techniques

    • Onyx Flow – a class designed to reconnect you with your body and have you moving well

    • Boxing – learn the fundamentals of boxing and get a good workout from expert coaches

    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga – this style of yoga will help you correct any imbalances in your body, improve the stability of your joints and gain strength

Tailor Made For You.

Onyx Fitness Classes
Onyx Team

Join Our Community

Onyx aspires to be inclusive to their community, focusing on building relationships and making every person feel valued. You will become part of the onyx family, a place to have fun, learn and build friendships, while also getting a great training session.


What People Have To Say About Onyx London

My training has improved significantly since onyx. Its challenging, fun, intense, and safe given Im someone who has had extensive injuries in the past. Would say Its a good place both for beginners and people who like to be challenged. Trainers are experienced, professional, and all round lovely humans.

Anamaria Rusu

Been to a few sessions and can already tell you won't find a gym like this anywhere else in London, let alone North London... Definitely worth checking out if you're tired of the standard, stale, soulless gym atmosphere currently plaguing the city. If you're looking for a gym, or enjoyable/unique classes that will help you get fit & strong - whilst keeping you motivated, definitely hit up Onyx London.

Oluwadamilola Fajobi

Amazing gym, I trained with Ibi and I have noticed a huge difference not only the way I look but my overall health. He is extremely detailed and patient. If you are looking for a PT, I highly recommend Ibi.

Sisi R

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