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Proudly At Health

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At health provides osteopathy in Covent Garden. We believe that your health is the most important thing you have in life, after all, you only get one body. Therefore we want to take a moment to talk about some of our principles, how we believe healthcare should be and what you can expect to experience should you choose At Health to help you on your journey to optimum health. 

The first thing you can expect is a partner for your journey out of pain. We appreciate how scary being in pain can be, whether it’s your first ever injury or you’ve had to cope with it for decades. It’s because of this that you can expect to receive support from us whenever you need it. 

The second thing we strive to do is educate. This comes in a variety of forms. Whether it’s through The Rehab Centre where we bring you educational content and rehabilitation advice, or what to do day to day to help reduce the risk of pain, we understand that the more you know about your pain, the less it will scare you.

A promise from our practitioners that they will continue to learn and do their upmost to constantly give you the best care available, and when they don’t feel they can, a promise that they will help you find someone who can. 


Matthew Walker M.Ost - Principal Osteopath

Matthew Walker graduated with a Masters degree from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy, since then he has been working with elite and professional athletes as well as other patients with acute injuries or chronic physical conditions.

He treats patients in both the London Clinic in Covent Garden and in Harpenden, where he is the principal practitioner and owner of the renown Osteo Practice.

Matthew offers a variety of techniques dependent on the age, physique and nature of each patient’s complaint. He specialises in the treatment of shoulder and neck pain and has conducted research investigating the incidence of low back pain in regular gym goers.

A keen athlete himself with a strong sporting background, Matthew has competed at a professional level in Martial Arts. These days he enjoys keeping fit on a recreational level and helping others maximise their potential through Osteopathic based intervention.

Jake Coombe M.Ost - Registered Osteopath

As a lover of everything sport and exercise, Jake enjoys applying himself to help individuals from different sporting backgrounds. He has been fortunate enough to work alongside professional boxers, rugby players, footballers and numerous personal trainers. Jake believes there is huge value to osteopathy in the sporting field including injury prevention and performance optimisation. Although he finds this particular aspect of clinical practice rewarding, his expertise is by no means limited to athletes.

As an osteopath Jake approaches whole person and will not just treat your symptoms. He utilises the innate ability of the body to heal and adapt to overcome various pain presentations. The diversity between each patient and their pain presentation is reflected by the management approach.

However, as a skilled osteopathic clinician it will always include some form of manual therapy, often supplemented by a progressive rehabilitation protocol. His knowledgeable and empathetic approach ensures you receive comprehensive treatment and a full opportunity for recovery. As a fitness enthusiast, there aren’t many sports he doesn’t enjoy. Having played Football at a high level, he has also consistently participated in Tennis, Squash, Rugby and Cycling. He now just does sport recreationally and combines this with gym work to get his fitness fix. He has also recently conducted research into the role of manual therapy in the management of chronic respiratory conditions, with findings he intends to implement in practice.

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