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At At Health Osteopathy & Pain Clinic Convent Garden we understand you and your pain. Whether it’s a new issue that is causing you concern or a chronic presentation that is wearing you out we are here to help. It may be neck pain from sitting at your desk at work, back pain from bending over to tie your shoes or pick up your baby, or even an ankle sprain that’s stopping you from walking or running, no matter the complaint we’re here to help you. 


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Helping Patients Since 2015

AT Health’s multi-disciplinary clinic is in the heart of Covent Garden’s Piazza and offers a variety of different health and therapeutic therapies that aim to get you back to your optimum health. 

We don’t like it when we hear patients saying that “pain has become their new normal,” and so we aim to make sure that is no longer the case.

Through a mixture of treatment, rehabilitation exercises and most importantly education, we want to make sure that not only can you go about your life pain free, we also want to ensure that you have the tools at your disposal so that it doesn’t come back to haunt you again in the future.


Hands on therapy

We use a variety of hands on techniques to alleviate your pain, relieve muscular tension and improve joint mobility.

get to the root of your problem

Our aim is to find the cause of your pain rather than just treating where it hurts, so that your pain is less likely to return again in the future.

Add tools to your toolbox

Our treatments involve exercise prescription so you have the tools to get rid of your aches and pains in the future.

Dry Needling

Improve circulation

Improved circulation means improved blood flow that can speed up healing times.

Increased Range of motion

Improved function and reduced pain means that you'll be able to move around more freely.

relieve muscular tension

Dry needling has been shown to reduce muscular tension that can build up over time.

Dry needling of the shoulders
Shockwave Therapy Covent Garden & Finchley

Shockwave Therapy

Modern Technology

Using the latest technology to help treat chronic long term musculoskeletal complaints.

Only 3-6 Treatments

Shockwave has been proven to work within just 3-6 treatments, meaning that you'll be well on your way to being out of pain by the end of your sessions.


Shockwave is non-invasive meaning no surgery, and no medication either.

Reinforce Reputation

Chronic Pain Clinic

tailored to you

We make sure that your treatment plan is with only you in mind.

Innovative strategies

We use techniques and strategies that you may not have come across yet, such as graded motor imagery, mirror treatments & ACT therapy.

Paced to suit you

For those in chronic pain, pacing is important. All our practitioners are capable of designing a treatment plan that works around what you're capable of doing.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Reduce recovery time post-injury

By increasing blood flow

help your body relax

A relaxed body is a body that helps means you'll decrease both physical and mental stress.

Decrease discomfort post exercise

Helping the body eliminate the build of lactic acid which is a contributor towards Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Virtual Appointments


We can help provide you with a working diagnosis.

Stay Safe During at home

If you're in a shielded population, or just don't feel comfortable visiting a clinic due to Covid-19, you can still get a rehabilitation plan that will get you out of pain.

Great results

Virtual appointments have been shown to be effective in helping people get out of pain without visiting a clinic in person.

Virtual Appointments
What up date advice on a range of topics?

Enter The Rehab Centre

Have you just injured yourself and are not sure what to do next? Or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a condition and what to learn more about it? We’ve created the Rehab Centre to educate you on different conditions as well as evidenced based exercises to help you on your journey out of pain.

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